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Affordable and Complete House Cleaning Maid Services in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Emerald Maids - Affordable and Complete House Cleaning Maid Services in Rochester Hills, Michigan

If you’re looking for the best professional housekeeping and maid service, you’re in the right place.

Besides, who has time to dust cabinets, clean refrigerators and stoves (gross!), sweep and mop floors, vacuum, clean sinks, tubs and toilets (double gross!) and still have time to raise your children, tend to your significant other, spend time with friends and relatives and live a life of freedom without worrying about a clean home?

As a bonded and insured cleaning company business, at Emerald Maids we specialize in giving you peace of mind. Besides, no one really “enjoys” coming back from work to a dirty home after a grueling 12hr shift on a Monday.

Our services were designed to give you all the free time you need now to start living life on YOUR terms TODAY!

Emerald Maids Clean Living Room

House Cleaning Services

We set the bar high with our employees to make sure your home looks as good if not *better* than it was before you moved in.

We work DILIGENTLY to give your personal living space that *extreme home makeover* it deserves and with such ‘pizazz’ you would call our ladies “Miss Flash”.

We use specific cleaners for each surface such as Granite, Stainless Steel, Wood Floor, Wood Cabinets, Carpet, Glass, Bathroom, and upholstery.

You can count on us for a thoroughly clean home, each and every time.

Apartment, Condo and Flat Cleaning Services

Similar to a home cleaning, though usually smaller in scale, we focus on all of the major areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, living room, sleeping area and diving area (if available).

We’ll make all the other tenants *jealous* at how spotless your apartment space will be.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving is a tough gig. In fact, it’s by far one of THE most stressful and exhausting experiences in life. The Post Office can be quite “ditzy” in changing over addresses, the moving truck guys can get to you a “one too many hours too late”, your boss will be ‘putting you through the ringer’ and your kids school can take forever and a decade to get them enrolled in time for the upcoming semester.

It’s a headache. So why add any more burden than necessary when Emerald Maids are here at your service?

Window Washing Services

Grimy, spotty and streaked window glass is like wearing an old pair of filthy glasses expecting 20/20 vision. When people come to visit and they can’t see more than a few feet in front of them when they peer out of your windows…

…you have a ‘problem’.

We provide streak-free windows while clearing away the pesky grime, dirt, dust, grease, bird ‘mess’ and other contaminants in one fell-swoop.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets ALWAYS look their best…

…that is, until people start walking over them, spilling drinks and food over them and pets ‘clawing it up’.

That’s where WE come in. We turn your carpets from ‘dingy’ to ‘new’. It’s important you keep your carpets clean, and with the help of Emerald Maids, you can do just that.

Oven Cleaning Services

No one wants to cook food over a filthy stove; inside or out. It gives people the creeps and if people notice even the slightest ‘speck’ of grease anywhere near their meal, they’re liable to give you the ol’ “Oh, I’ll be taking this home with me to eat” excuse.

We can clean your stoves interior and exterior upon request. We perform a top to bottom cleaning using eco-friendly products to clean rack liners, remove carbon deposits and baked on grease.

Refrigerator Cleaning Services

As grimy as the oven can be, the refrigerator is probably the ‘worse’ of the two. Spoiled and molded food, bacteria, and other diseases can spread within those double-doors unless you do something about it now.

Fortunately, you don’t have to lift a finger because we will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Office and Corporate Cleaning Services

Ever tried working with a bunch of stationary scattered all over the place?

Studies show that a cluttered office space leads to more unproductivity amongst employees compared to a clean working area.

Whether your office is located in your home, at a stand-alone location or amongst other co-workers, our office cleaning service to keep your space looking fresh and new.

Our Detailed Routine Cleaning Frequency Plan

Are you REALLY strapped for time?

Is raising the children an over-time job on its own?

Are you a senior citizen in need of extra assistances to reach those nook and crannies?

Is your home, condo or apartment a “weeeee” too big to clean on your own consistently for your comfort?

Is your office in need of a little “tender lovin’ care”?

Is cleaning not forte’?

…or are you just plain unmotivated to keep up a presentable residence?

Whatever your reason for requiring routine cleaning services, Emerald Maid is at your service.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services for your convenience. Every office and residential property is different in its own unique way. Some need more cleaning than others, some properties are larger requiring multiple visits, some are ‘in and out’ jobs’, and others are in-between.

For this reason, we’d like you to give us a call now at (PHONE NUMBER HERE) to inquire about our routine cleaning services and receive your FREE ESTIMATE today and our friendly receptionist will happily assist you. We also provide same-day house cleaning services, too.

We Are The Leading Eco-Friendly "Hippie Lovin'" Green Cleaning Company

We are the regions leader in our commitment to protecting the environment using sustainable cleaning materials. Also, our cleaning products are 100% “au-natural” using two cleaning product companies we committed to the same goal — Method & Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.

We are the only company in the entire region that uses 100% *PURE* natural cleaning solution products to get the job done.

Mother Nature has a way with providing us with everything we need to get your property looking ‘spic n’ span’. Plus, harsher chemicals are quite DEADLY if misused and especially so around young children.

Our commitment to an environmentally-friendly office or home not only benefits the planet, it serves you and your family, too.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

***Best House Cleaning Services***

We’re not out to pull your leg. We’re out to make your life (and surroundings) a little better. That’s why our number #1 promise to you is if you’re unhappy with our services in any way, shape or form, we’ll revisit the location – no charge – until you’re 100% satisfied; guaranteed.

Why Hire Emerald Maids As Your Best Local Property Cleaning Company?

Aside from having served the community for over 10+ years and going, we’ve built up a quite a name for ourselves for our EXCELLENCE in customer service and attention to detail.

The home and office owners we serve count on us DAILY to be thorough, detailed, consistent and reliable every single time we clean their property.

We’re also well-known for the quality of our finished work. So high, in fact, it’s difficult for our competitors to match with any real consistency.

When it comes down to cleaning your property we are PERFECTIONIST. We clean as if we’re cleaning our own property. We leave NOTHING to chance and no stone left unturned because…




Lastly, we are locally OWNED. Unlike those “big conglomerate, public owned companies (*cough* cleaning authority *cough*) we’re here for YOU first and the bottom-line dead last. We’re actively involved in our community and enjoy a good Tigers game in the heart of Motor City like any other Detroiter (LETS GO TIGERS! CLAP, CLAP, CLAP CLAP CLAP).

We could spend eternity bragging about ourselves and accomplishments, but why not see for yourself what our clients had to say about us:

“Emerald Maids came HIGHLY recommend by a friend who recently had your service. I’ve only had my first cleaning. So far, so good.

Two sweet ladies arrived on time, rolled up their sleeves, and worked like mad for two hours STRAIGHT. By the time they left, my house was in near flawless condition.

We have three dogs and two cats and, as you can imagine, the floors were a bit ‘ugly’. Did you say they were cleaning maids or magicians, because these ladies sure pulled a rabbit out of this old hat and made my floors look brand spankin’ new!”

– Josiah Washington

“We’ve gone through several cleaning crews over the years. Never have we come across such professionalism and attention to detail as the crew over at Emerald Maids. They’re worth EVERY red cent! We are THRILLED with the quality of service. Now we look for excuses for friends and family to come visit more often!”

– Casey Jordan

“It was a pleasure to come home to such a beautifully cleaned house. A place I’m ever the more proud to call “My Home”. I’m truly grateful for what the cleaning women did. They were so pleasant and friendly, too, even under a tight deadline. They even cleaned spots I had never previously thought to clean but was done so well I noticed the difference right away. This makes life SO much easier. You will be hearing from me more often.”

– John Robertson

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